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Holding conversations for organisational change

Needs Workshop offers coaching, consulting and facilitation to help you find new perspectives, common understanding and effective ways of working together in your organisation.

We invite you to find out what becomes possible if you…

Bring clarity to complex challenges, spot patterns and make sense of the mess?

Discover your true priorities and the most meaningful action to take next?

Become unstuck on decisions and find the solutions that are most likely to work for everyone?

Convene people across functions and power levels so they can relate to each other in new ways?

To find out more or start a conversation, please see the blog, LinkedIn, Twitter or email contact@needsworkshop.com

What do clients experience?

"It’s exciting, because we’re actually starting to think about how to solve our problems. We are talking about tangible things we can do. It feels positive.”

"It feels super inclusive. It feels like every single person has a voice, even if they’re not an expert on the topic.”

"The session I attended was truly amazing. Some of the most honest discussions about mental health I’ve been a part of in my time at this company.”

"Dan provided a huge amount of curiosity and a fresh perspective, bringing sets of ideas and learning approaches that we tend not to hear so much about. Liberating Structures in particular, helped us to have very different conversations than we tend to have inside the health system.”

"I almost didn’t come to this session but I’m so glad I did.”

To hear more stories, visit the Needs Workshop blog